Children’s Eye Test


All babies will have their eye health checked at birth. In most parts of Scotland, children’s eyes will not be checked again by a professional until their vision is screened prior to starting primary school. Regular eye tests ensure that your child does not struggle with their vision and ensures that any problems are picked up early.

Signs a child has a problem with their sight include:

  • sitting too close to the TV or other screens
  • rubbing their eyes a lot
  • holding objects very close to their face
  • blinking a lot
  • appearing unusually clumsy (bumping into things, tripping over etc.)
  • showing signs of a squint – where the eyes don’t look in the same direction; one eye may turn inwards, outwards, upwards or downwards, while the other eye looks forward


Even if your child doesn’t show any of the above signs, they could still have an underlying eye condition. Make your child’s eye health a priority – book a routine eye examination today. We see children of all ages and can tailor the test to suit your childs needs. NHS eye tests in Scotland are free.

To make an appointment for your child to have their eyes tested, call us on 01259 752755, email or visit our Facebook page.

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