For comfortable and stylish eyewear, Ray-Ban remains the first choice for all occasions


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In 1929 medical equipment manufacturer Bausch & Lomb was enlisted to alleviate the headaches and altitude sickness that US Army pilots were suffering. They produced a prototype called the ‘anti-glare’ in 1936 and a year later, after being remodelled and rebranded, the notorious Ray-Ban Aviator was born.

As well as making extreme cosmetic advancements in the eyewear industry for almost a century, Ray-Ban has also introduced a number of benefits to the wearers of their frames. To name just a couple, a sweat bar has been added to the Aviator to prevent sweat from falling into the eyes, and a variety of specialist lenses and coatings have been developed to enhance vision and protection during a number of activities.

Thanks to Ray-Ban designs being worn in numerous films and by a multitude of celebrities, this brand is possibly the most famous eyewear manufacturer today. The plastic framed Wayfarer has become one of the most iconic designs around and comes in a number of shapes, colours and patterns.


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