The Eye Examination

Eye Examinations


At Ochil Eyes, we believe the eye examination is about more than just making sure you have the right prescription. We believe its the single most important part of your journey with us. Our test room features the most up to date equipment required to carry out thorough eye examinations including a fundus camera that allows us to take retinal photographs. Eye examinations at Ochil Eyes are not just about checking how well you can see, they can also pick up early signs of conditions such as diabetes and glaucoma. In a recent survey, more than half of adults surveyed in Scotland did not know that an eye examination could detect diabetes, and a quarter were unaware it could pick up glaucoma, both conditions which can cause loss of vision.


With as many as four in ten Scots not having their eyes checked on a regular basis, the team here at Ochil Eyes are passionate about raising the awareness of the importance of having regular eye examinations. If you are a UK resident, eye examinations are free in Scotland, funded by the NHS. Too many people think they only need to have their eyes checked if they already wear glasses or are having problems with their vision. According to the RNIB, 50% of sight loss is avoidable, a fact that eight out of ten Scots are unaware of. Regular eye examinations should be just as common in our thoughts as regular dental check ups. Look after your eyes, book an appointment today.


We set aside thirty minutes for eye examinations. Our resident optician, Emma Kelly, will do various tests and procedures as well as a test of your sight. We aim to finish all of our checks in one visit but occasionally need to invite you back another day for a follow up appointment. Occasionally, Emma may need to give you eye drops to see into your eyes more easily but she would discuss this with you prior to doing so. You do not need to have any procedure done if you do not want to and you can ask Emma as many questions as you like. After the test is complete, Emma will discuss the results with you. She will give you a copy of your prescription and tell you if you need glasses, or not. She will also advise you on when you need to come back for your next check.


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